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Account: Accounting Calculator

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'Account' is an Accounting Calculator, designed to provide quick access to many of the financial equations used daily by Accountants. Account can take the provided values, perform the calculation and output the solution.Account can be used by entrepreneurs and professionals working in business, finance, accounting, auditing, administration, management and much more. This application can increase productivity and efficiency, has uses for revision and study when working towards the status' of MBA, CPA, CFA, AAT, CIMA, ACCA, CMA, and more, and can be very helpful to students at college and university, as well as for those in work.
Account can be used as a calculator and as a dictionary for the following terms:
Activity (Efficiency) Ratios-Asset Turnover-Average Collection Period-Cash Conversion Cycle-Inventory Conversion Period-Inventory Conversion Ratio-Inventory Turnover-Payables Conversion Period-Receivables Conversion Period, DSO Ratio-Receivables Turnover Ratio
Basic Equations-Assets-EBIT, Earnings Before Interest and Taxes-Equity-Gross Profit-Liabilities-Net Profit, Net Income, Income-Operating Profit-Sales Revenue, Net Sales
Debt Ratios-Debt Ratio-Debt Service Coverage Ratio-Debt to Equity Ratio-Long-Term Debt to Equity Ratio
Depreciation-Book Value-Declining Balance, Reducing Balance-Straight-Line Method-Units of Production
Liquidity-Acid Test Ratio, Quick Ratio-Cash Ratio-Current Ratio, Working Capital Ratio-Operating Cash Flow Ratio
Market Ratios-Dividends Cover-Dividends Yield-Dividends Per Share-Earnings Per Share, EPS-Payout Ratio-PEG Ratio-Price to Sales Ratio
Profitability Ratios-Efficiency Ratio-Gross Profit Margin/Ratio/Rate, Gross Margin Percentage-Operating Margin, Operating Income/Profit Margin, Return On Sales-Profit Margin, Net Profit Margin/Ratio, Net Margin-Return On Assets-Return On Capital-Return On Equity-Return On Investment, ROI-Return On Net Assets-Risk-Adjusted Return On Capital